Prosmile has more than 20 years as a dental clinic in Ecuador.
Created by DMD. Eduardo Flores with the vision of founding the first dental clinic in the country with all the specialties, the best technology and the most qualified professionals.

DMD. Eduardo Flores has more than 40 years of professional experience in the dental industry. During his career he has worked actively as a specialist in oral rehabilitation and has also achieved the highest recognition in higher education. 
He has a PHD in Society Knowledge and Action in Educational Areas from the International University of La Rioja - Spain (2018). He also has a Master in University Teaching and Educational Administration from the Indoamericana University (2004). DMD. Eduardo Flores also has a Diploma in Oral Rehabilitation by the Ecuadorian Odontological Federation (1999). Doctor in Medical Dentistry from the Central University of Ecuador (1977). He has been a teacher for different universities in the country.

Additionally, he is former Dean of the School of Dentistry of the Central University for two opportunities.

Currently, he is Deputy Director of the Dentistry Service at the Metropolitan Hospital and Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry of the University of the Americas.


ProSmile has dentists who have two or three dental specialities and occupy the most recognized positions in university teaching in Ecuador